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Trading Journal: What It Is & How to Maximize Profits With It

Doing this will help you optimize your trading strategy and incorporate adjustments into your strategies. Let’s review what you’ve learned so far from previous lessons about creating a crypto trading strategy. Unlike any other journal applications, your crypto trading journal is available to you via web, and on your favorite app store . Track the data that matters to you and shape your journal to contain what you really need.

trading journal crypto

Here we break down the best trading journal software available for all traders, comparing their features, pricing, and supporting assets. First, you need to create a trading journal spreadsheet (e.g., Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel) and a written document (e.g., Google Docs, Microsoft Word). You’ll be using these to record your exact trades and your thoughts, respectively. If you prefer, you can include the written document as a second tab in the spreadsheet .

Optimize your trading performance

Create a 100% custom dashboard to suit your trading style. Manage multiple trading accounts seamlessly across platforms. Becoming a responsible crypto trader is by no means an easy thing to achieve.

trading journal crypto

A trading journal is an important tool for active traders. It is a comprehensive ledger of trades, used to record and review trading activities. The journal captures information such as entry and exit prices, duration of the trade, profits or losses incurred, as well as thoughts and emotions experienced throughout the trade. It is also used to track overall performance and hone trading strategies over time. Compare the best Trading Journals currently available using the table below. The best traders keep a trade journal and use it to analyze their trades.


Play around with our demo account or sign up for a free 30-day trial . Effortlessly monitor all your financial assets, independently of where they are held and how liquid they are. Equity, debt, currencies, commodities, real assets, digital assets, collectibles, etc. Listed and non-listed, bankable and non-bankable assets. Understand what drives your portfolio thanks to intuitive composition, performance, and risk visualizations. Slice and dice your analysis according to your own view of the world thanks to customizable tags.

Apart from maintaining one, analysis of a trading journal is equally, if not more, important. This allows you to reflect on your trades, identify weaknesses and areas to work upon, and on a whole, improve as a trader. Hope this helps you to become a better trader and enhance your efforts in the market.

Trading Journal Features

Read more to learn how to hack emotions and be a better trader. Powerful journaling that allows you to take notes, tag trades, and understand how you are performing overall. For each Tradersync feature, the platform offers a detailed breakdown of what it is and how traders can use it in their extensive tutorial library.

trading journal crypto

While lacking some of the forecasting features of other trading journals, Trademetria excels at diving deeper into the data and statistics underlying existing trades. This makes it suitable for both – advanced and beginner traders. Today, there is an abundance of trading journal options available.

Compare the Top Trading Journals of 2023

Import trades directly from exchanges or just add them the old way. The challenges help you grow and make journaling a fun experience. You can dig into any part of your trading and get detailed performance breakdowns.

trading journal crypto

PsyQuation uses AI-driven insights to help improve trading performance and start making better trading decisions. The PsyQuation Score tracks your trading journal crypto trading skill and compares you against other traders in the forex community. Becoming a successful trader can be a very challenging endeavor.

Advanced Features

Our crypto trade journal is flexible enough for you to select the widgets and metrics that are relevant to you from a 20+ selection. View reports on setups, mistakes, monthly, weekly, price range, volume and more. Our reports are very easy to understand yet powerful enough to the point that you can apply filters to the minimum detail. Automatically groups your partial trades to easily visualize and add trade management notes.

What Is a Crypto Trading Journal and Why Do You Need It?

The key to any successful trader is to have some way to measure, track and analyse your performance in order to constantly find ways to improve. World class athletes or football players keep detailed track of what makes them perform better. A disciplined trader is a profitable trader, or at least on the way of becoming one. As well as being a trader, Milan writes daily analysis for the Axi community, using his extensive knowledge of financial markets to provide unique insights and commentary.